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Krzysztof Chomicki of Phobia Game Studio on making reverse horror game CARRION

Carrion is a reverse horror game in which you play as an amorphous creature of unknown origins.

The game received universal acclaim from players and critics for its clever power-fantasy premise, as well as satisfying traversal and combat mechanics, which allow for gameplay that can be both strategic and chaotic.

The team behind the game is Polish developer called Phobia Game Studio, whose members previously shipped 2D platformer Butcher.


Dauntless’ Nick Clifford on cross-play, community feedback and blind spots in production

Dauntless is a free-to-play online action RPG from Phoenix Labs that is available on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and the Nintendo Switch. On June 11, the developers rolled out a major content update called Call of the Void.

Ahead of the update release, we caught up with Nick Clifford, Marketing Director at Phoenix Labs, to check out the new content and talk about the studio’s take on multiplayer games in 2020.


Timelie creator on making games in Thailand, sacrifices and victories, and things you can do with time

Timelie is a puzzle adventure game that offers a new take on time manipulation. The game came out on PC on May 21. It’s the first title from a Thai team called Urnique Studio. While still in development, the project won Microsoft Imagine Cup both domestically and internationally.

We sat down with Parimeth Wongsatayanon, Creative Director at Urnique Studio, to discuss the team’s inaugural game development journey.


Super Sexy Software founder Marta Szymańska on shades of white, fear of emptiness, and power of unknown

The Shattering is a first-person story-driven psychological thriller with horror elements. It came out on April 21 and is currently available on PC.

Rather than relying on the genre’s clichés such as jumpscares and the generous use of darkness, The Shattering invokes fear through the absence of information. It defines the overall design of the game, with its shifting environments, invisible characters and the color palette that is dominated by various shades of white.


Mi’pu’mi Games’ Gregor Eigner on studio culture, European history, and sensitive topics in games

The Flower Collectors is a detective game that came out on April 21. While essentially a point-and-click adventure, it offers other mechanics as well, including timed events, and even secondary story storylines. The game features an unusual setting (Barcelona, 1977) and lots of book and movie references while dealing with sensitive topics like privacy and disabilities.

It is the second title from the Austrian studio called Mi’pu’mi Games.

We sat down with Gregor Eigner,