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Indie dev Jamie Rowan on making Clockwork Kingdom, 1-bit dungeon crawler where you can’t move at the start

Clockwork Kingdom is a small black and white dungeon crawler where the player has to escape the toy factory. The catch is that you can’t move initially and have to gradually unlock movement directions to make your escape. Today we discuss the concept and main inspirations behind the project with its creator, London-based animator and indie developer Jamie Rowan.
Dev Interviews

Techland’s Kornel Jaskuła on Dying Light 2 development and narrative: “Not a typical sequel”

Dying Light 2 Stay Human has climbed the sales charts like they are some parkour-friendly rooftops. The game’s production, however, has not been without challenges. We spoke with Kornel Jaskuła, senior producer at Techland, about the game’s development and its narrative, as well as the company’s growth and the way the pandemic has affected the internal processes.