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Alberto Belli on Italian gamedev scene: “Evolution always arrives just before extinction”

Italy is a great market for games. It’s worth €1.7 billion, which means that people buy and play games. However, revenues from Italian developers account for just around €50 million, and almost everything comes from a handful of key studios.

So what’s it like to make games in Italy?

Who better to answer that question than an Italian industry veteran with around 20 years’ experience as a journalist, publisher, distributor, developer,


Through the Darkest of Times developer Jörg Friedrich on sensitive topics in games, quick prototyping, and gameplay rewardingness

Strategy game Through the Darkest of Times came out on January 30 to very positive reviews on Steam. The award-winning indie title chronicles the struggle of a small resistance group during the years of Nazi rule in Germany.

We caught up with Jörg Friedrich, creative director on TtDoT and co-founder at Paintbucket Studios, to discuss the creation of the game that is also a compelling history lesson.


Ministry of Broadcast on Tinder-date publishing, primacy of narrative, and walls people like to build

Ministry of Broadcast is a narrative-driven cinematic platformer released on January 30. The game is set in a dystopian country divided by the Wall, and to get to the other side, you must survive the reality show run by the omnipresent Ministry of Broadcast. Expect traps, tons of moral ambiguity, and brilliantly somber humor in the vein of Monty Python.

The team behind the game is eponymously named Ministry of Broadcast. It consists of four people: Petr Škorňok,


Tiny Money Studio on stop motion games, world of finance, and gaming conferences

Tiny Money from two Israel-based artists, Dor Bar and Shachar Peters, is a stop motion clay animation game in the vein of 1998 classic The Neverhood. The game is still in development. We caught up with Dor Bar to discuss the studio’s debut project.

Tiny Money

One of the highlights of the recent White Nights Moscow 2019 was the deconstruction workshop in which four games participated,


Blue Manchu’s Jon Chey on Void Bastards, going indie and not having a niche

After 20 years of making games, Jonathan Chey just refuses to settle.

An alumnus of Looking Glass Studios where he worked on Thief: the Dark Project, he went on to co-found Irrational Games with Ken Levine and Robert Fermier. At Irrational, Jon produced, designed and programmed games such as System Shock 2, Freedom Force and BioShock.

In 2005, Irrational Games was acquired by Take-Two Interactive.