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Mi’pu’mi Games’ Gregor Eigner on studio culture, European history, and sensitive topics in games

The Flower Collectors is a detective game that came out on April 21. While essentially a point-and-click adventure, it offers other mechanics as well, including timed events, and even secondary story storylines. The game features an unusual setting (Barcelona, 1977) and lots of book and movie references while dealing with sensitive topics like privacy and disabilities.
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40 years in games industry: David Mullich on breaking rules, going beyond entertainment, and inspiring others

The expression “industry veteran” is used too liberally these days. We are quick to call anybody “veteran” who has a couple of decades of experience. What does it make David Mullich, the man who has been making games or teaching about games for 40 years? And it’s not just any games. David created or was involved in creating the legendary titles like I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream, Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines,…

Makers of Pagan Online: “We Wanted a Slavic Tale that Looks like a Hollywood Movie”

Today, Pagan Online, an action RPG inspired by Slavic myths, has received its long-awaited co-op update. The title, developed in collaboration between Mad Head Games and Wargaming, entered early access in mid-April without multiplayer due to technical issues. Now you can play side missions or assassinations (not the main campaign, though) in two-player co-op. With the next patches, the developers promise to roll out four-player co-op along with synergy effects between heroes, special systems for co-op only, special rewards and drops, as well as…