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Strategic minimalism behind indie hit Islanders

On April 4th, a German indie studio called GrizzlyGames released Islanders, an atmospheric minimalist city builder. The game immediately got warm reception from critics and very positive reviews on Steam. Valve listed it among 20 top-selling games of April 2019.

Islanders is about making the best of very limited resources. So is the story of real-world people behind the game.

Game World Observer talked to Friedemann Allmenröder,


Choices that Telltale Games Made: We Will Remember That

Gameinformer joins the industry-wide conversation about casualties of unfortunate production practices. Former employees of Telltale Games spoke to the magazine to relate their heart-breaking story.

Telltale signature gameplay has the characters make difficult choices. Each decision leaves a lasting impact. It’s no coincidense that the real people involved with Telltale felt so strongly about this kind of narrative. They, too, had to take many risks along the way. Risks that first put the company on the map and then led to its abrupt demise.