Indie publisher and developer Akupara Games has opened access to its internal spreadsheet, which lists game trailer specs for major stores. It might help prepare the right versions of video clips and get approval from platform holders.

GameDiscoveryCo founder Simon Carless shared the link in his latest newsletter.

Akupara’s spreadsheet contains specs and rules, which developers should follow before publishing trailers on game stores. The list includes information about the rating systems, logos, subtitles, intros, outros, etc.

  • Steam lets developers submit two trailers per storefront. The store also doesn’t recommend using cinematic videos, saying that you should get to the gameplay section in the first 30 seconds.
  • If you want to publish a trailer on Nintendo eShop, it must be in 720p, with its bitrate being lowered to 2000 kbps. The video also should be in 30 FPS.
  • Epic Games Store requires to place its logo in the end slate, not allowing to add any information about other competing stores.
  • Xbox trailers shouldn’t be longer than 60 seconds, with their size not exceeding 2 GB.
  • Sony allows uploading trailers up to 50 GB with only one audio track. The framerate should also be lowered to 30 FPS if it is not a YouTube video.
  • Almost all platforms don’t allow you to modify their logos, with some of them listing requirements for their placement and size.

The full spreadsheet can be found here.

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