Choices that Telltale Games Made: We Will Remember That

Gameinformer joins the industry-wide conversation about casualties of unfortunate production practices. Former employees of Telltale Games spoke to the magazine to relate their heart-breaking story.

Telltale signature gameplay has the characters make difficult choices. Each decision leaves a lasting impact. It’s no coincidense that the real people involved with Telltale felt so strongly about this kind of narrative. They, too, had to take many risks along the way. Risks that first put the company on the map and then led to its abrupt demise.


Payers among Players: Case Study of the UK

A recent study by Newzoo and ACI Worldwide provides interesting consumer insights about the UK game market, which is the world’s sixth-biggest ($5.1 billion revenue). These findings help better understand payment behavior of gamers in the UK in comparison with other countries.

Payment behavior by gender and platform

The study looks at how payment choices differ across platforms by gender. Mobile is the platform of preference for 94% of gamers, with PC and console games favored by 85%.