ByteBrew is a new analytics platform created by former mobile developers. It offers free access to a wide range of tools, including monetization tracking, retention reporting, and attribution measurement.

Last week, ByteBrew creators shared details about the platform on Reddit.

Prior to launching ByteBrew, they were mobile devs “that had to use (and pay) for multiple platforms for our games every month in order to analyze, and optimize our games.” That’s what inspired them to build their new solution.

Here are a few key services that ByteBrew offers:

  • Tracking and analyzing retention and other engagement metrics in real-time;
  • Measuring monetization metrics by aggregating and managing in-app purchases, subscriptions, and in-game ad revenue;
  • Changing in-game events without submitting updates to app stores;
  • Customizable funnels to track player progression and see how, when, and where they play a game;
  • Predicting LTV and ROAS based on in-game data;
  • Measuring attribution and tracking key metrics of each ad campaign;
  • Tools for A/B testing.

To use ByteBrew, a developer needs to download an SDK, integrate it into a game, and add a game to the platform’s dashboard. As for now, ByteBrew supports engines like Unity, Godot, GameMaker, Unreal, BuildBox, as well as native iOS and Android frameworks.

While the platform is completely free, a lot of users question its business model. On Reddit, some people worried that ByteBrew might shift towards the paid model in the future, but the devs didn’t respond to these comments. In June, co-founders Cameron and Kian Hozouri told that they managed to make ByteBrew “completely free for game developers by automating our technology and platform workflow to make the platform self-service.”

ByteBrew has already attracted over 1500 mobile studios and developers since its launch. The platform’s SDK is available on its website and Unity Asset Store.

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