Officially launched worldwide on 25 August 2021, Marvel Future Revolution has generated approximately 50 million downloads and over $30 million in revenue. This is according to marketing intelligence firm SocialPeta, which has analyzed the title’s marketing campaign.

The game’s launch

  • Marvel Future Revolution is a mobile open-world multiplayer RPG. The game was developed and published by South Korean mobile gaming giant Netmarble.
  • Prior to the game’s 25 August 2021 release, Netmarble launched open beta in late June this year in Canada.
  • On its release date, the game topped the U.S. App Store ranking and remained in the top spot for 10 days. It also reported great market performance in South Korea, Hong Kong, Canada, and other countries / regions.

The creatives used

  • Netmarble has made full use of the power of the Marvel films in publicizing the game. Compared to the ads of most traditional mobile games, in Marvel Future Revolution‘s creatives, we can find many film elements, such as narrator subtitles on the bottom of ads, film shot cuts, copied shots from Marvel films, and so on.

A copied shot from the Avengers: Endgame

  • Unlike Marvel: Future Fight, another Marvel mobile game, that features hero collection, Marvel Future Revolution has a fixed number of playable heroes. Players collect exclusive skins for the game heroes to level up. This reflected in the game’s creatives. Ads about Marvel heroes’ skins account for 15% of all the advertising done for the game.

Marketing campaign

  • Since June, Netmarble has rolled out over 3000 creatives for the title. Most of them were released on Android (2126 ads).
  • There were 3 stages of the Marvel Future Revolution advertising. The first stage started around 26 June, advertising a little during the game private beta to warm the audience up. The second stage began on 24 July, when the game was available for pre-registration. The third stage was launched on 25 August, when the game was officially released.
  • Ads peaked at the game’s launch, with the max daily ads on iOS being 662 and the max daily ads on Android reaching nearly 1000.
  • The game was most actively promoted in USA, Taiwan, South Korea on iOS, while South Korea, USA and Canada reported the most advertising on Android.

The game’s current condition

  • After the inital blast fueled by the IP, Marvel Future Revolution is obviously slowing down. In U.S., the game’s main market, the game’s stats are clearly dropping both on Gross Rankings and Free Rankings.

  • To be fair, the title seems to have plateaued in Games and RPG charts since the drop, although it’s unlikely that it will continue continue bringing in $30 million in monthly revenue.

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