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Perks of being indie, or How Platonic Games found their niche

Indie developers are no match for big studios. But it’s ok, according to Valeria Castro, CEO & Founder at Platonic Games, a small dev team based in Madrid. At a recent event hosted by GameAnalytics, Valeria shared her experience entering the crowded hyper-casual scene.

If you haven’t heard about Platonic Games, that’s probably because you are not part of their niche, which is what this post is exactly about. Anyway, they have made successful games like Sailor Cats,


How to find the right publisher and pitch your game to them

Modus, a publishing division of Maximum Games focused on indie projects, breaks down typical steps that indie developers should take to approach a publisher.

Step 1. Identify a publisher Strategy A. Find games similar to yours. Steam is a good place to start. Find out who published those games. Investigate those publishers via their own websites (better to stay clear of those who do not have one) or on LinkedIn. Strategy B.

Players remove indie games from Steam Wishlist due to confusing promo

Several indie developers have noticed abnormally high numbers of Wishlist deletions for their games.

Tom Vian, co-founder of Snipperclips developer SFB Games, was one of the first to link this to Steam’s Grand Prix-themed Summer Sale that started on June 25.

Oof, in Steam’s summer sale, they’re offering users a chance to win their ‘most wished for games’. Lots of users have misinterpreted as ‘any game on my wishlist’, instead of ‘the top game’,