Game developers always need honest feedback to see what’s wrong with their projects. That’s why the Reddit community created a new subreddit called “Destroy My Game.” Only honest thoughts and no sugar-coating.

Untitled action-adventure game submitted to “Destroy My Game”

Destroy My Game” was created by redditor prog_meister on June 21. “Friends and family are notoriously bad critics,” the message reads. “And of course you could ask for feedback in many other gamedev subs, but the unspoken rule is ‘say something nice or say nothing at all.’ Not here.”

So the rules are simple. If you have a playable build, video, screenshot, or any other material of your game, you can submit it to the subreddit. Users will see it and offer their feedback. “Have fun with it and don’t take anything personally,” prog_meister wrote.

Some indie developers have already uploaded their materials to “Destroy My Game,” and the first results are in. Whether it’s a procedural tower defense or action-adventure game in a retro 3D style, people try to point out what they like and what they don’t like about them.

If you also want to get some honest and, let’s hope, fair criticism of your game, you can visit the subreddit here.

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