Summerfall Studios, co-founded by Baldur’s Gate and Dragon Age writer David Gaider and Liam Esler, former designer at Obsidian, reveal its first title.

It’s called Chorus: An Adventure Musical, and it will put the player in the shoes of Grace, a singer that has to clear her name after a magical creature dies at her doorstep.


“We wanted to make a musical, a game with a focus on character and story, where the big moments happen in song, and the player decides where that song goes.”

David Gaider, co-founder and creative director at Summerfall Studios

Laura Bailey, who is best known for her work in Gears 5, Spider-Man (2018), will lend her voice to the protagonist, with Troy Baker slated to provide voice direction.

While a clear departure from previous works by Gaider, Chorus will feature a branching narrative with focus on character development, adventure, and romance.

The game play will revolve around choice-based dialogues in the vein of interactive visual novels and, naturally, Dragon Age. The player’s choices will be restricted by their class (Kickass, Clever or Charming). Their traits can be levelled up over the course of the game suggesting RPG elements. In a new mechanic, certain choices will allow players to build up “flow” in songs, something that can affect the world.

After a year of attempts to pitch the game to various publishers, Summerfall Studios is now crowdfunding the game on Backers have already pledged over $70k towards its $600k goal in less than a day.