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Players remove indie games from Steam Wishlist due to confusing promo

Several indie developers have noticed abnormally high numbers of Wishlist deletions for their games.

Tom Vian, co-founder of Snipperclips developer SFB Games, was one of the first to link this to Steam’s Grand Prix-themed Summer Sale that started on June 25.

Oof, in Steam’s summer sale, they’re offering users a chance to win their ‘most wished for games’. Lots of users have misinterpreted as ‘any game on my wishlist’, instead of ‘the top game’,


Strategic minimalism behind indie hit Islanders

On April 4th, a German indie studio called GrizzlyGames released Islanders, an atmospheric minimalist city builder. The game immediately got warm reception from critics and very positive reviews on Steam. Valve listed it among 20 top-selling games of April 2019.

Islanders is about making the best of very limited resources. So is the story of real-world people behind the game.

Game World Observer talked to Friedemann Allmenröder,