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Anshar Studios’ Mateusz Greloch looks back at Gamedec’s launch and looks forward to more fully narrative RPGs

Cyberpunk isometric RPG Gamedec came out on September 16. The game, inspired by the Gamedec book series by Marcin Przybyłek, puts you in the shoes of a game detective, who solves mysteries inside virtual worlds. A year ago, we discussed the Gamedec demo with the development team known as Anshar Studios. Now, days after the title’s release, we caught up with Mateusz Greloch, Community Manager at Anshar Studios, for an update on what has been…
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Broken Roads developer Drop Bear Bytes attributes publishers’ interest in RPGs to Disco Elysium

Australian indie developer Drop Bear Bytes is working on post-apocalyptic RPG Broken Roads, which is due out next year. Prior to signing with Team17, the studio was in talks with 35 publishers. Many of them, it seems, were only interested in the genre because the 2019 indie development darling Disco Elysium proved that a viable market exists for narrative-heavy RPG titles. What those publishers failed to understand, however, is that Disco Elysium does not define…
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Anshar Studios on making Gamedec, cyberpunk RPG about solving mysteries in virtual worlds

Gamedec is an upcoming cyberpunk isometric RPG. It puts you in the shoes of a game detective, who solves mysteries inside virtual worlds. The story adapts to the decisions you make, but those won’t come easy to you. Players will have to make their morally ambiguous choices and deductions under constant time pressure, never able to collect enough evidence to piece together the whole picture.

Makers of Pagan Online: “We Wanted a Slavic Tale that Looks like a Hollywood Movie”

Today, Pagan Online, an action RPG inspired by Slavic myths, has received its long-awaited co-op update. The title, developed in collaboration between Mad Head Games and Wargaming, entered early access in mid-April without multiplayer due to technical issues. Now you can play side missions or assassinations (not the main campaign, though) in two-player co-op. With the next patches, the developers promise to roll out four-player co-op along with synergy effects between heroes, special systems for co-op only, special rewards and drops, as well as…