IT company Mauris is developing new pirate RPG Corsairs Legacy, which will be divided into three different games. The project will be a spiritual heir to the famous Russian series started with Sea Dogs in 2000.

Mauris, a company with offices in Ukraine, Russia, and Germany, is known for developing CRMs, websites, and mobile apps for third-party clients. The studio is now trying to step into the video game industry with the announcement of Corsairs Legacy.

The team came up with the idea for the project after talking to Yuri Rogach, who has been involved in the development of the Sea Dogs series since Pirates of the Caribbean (the first game’s sequel). However, he was skeptical about creating the new project, naming lack of a fan base, the bankruptcy of Akella (the series creators), and the necessity of big investments among the reasons.

That’s when Mauris decided to develop the game independently. The studio didn’t want to make one AAA title. Instead, they divided Corsairs Legacy into three parts, which will be released one by one, each part focusing on a different mechanic.

Corsairs Legacy roadmap

  • The first game, planned for 2021, is inspired by the RPG system of Sea Dogs, with upgraded mechanics and graphics.
  • The second game, planned for 2022, will focus on ship battles and include RPG mode from the first one.
  • The third game, planned for 2023, will contain all the previous mechanics and introduce open world.

Corsairs Legacy takes place in 1689 when Captain Blood’s odyssey came to an end and he became a governor of Jamaica. Smuggler-turned-pirate Jack Rackham will be the game’s main protagonist.

Mauris is developing the game on Unity. The studio also admitted that it bought 3D models instead of creating them by themselves. However, they promise to add more unique characters in the future.

Sea Dogs compared to Corsairs Legacy

The company is also self-funding the development, using money earned on its projects including F2P adventure Save the Pirate: Sea Story. Corsairs Legacy doesn’t have an official release date yet, but there is the game’s page on Steam.

Corsairs Legacy will continue the legacy of Sea Dogs, which was one of the first successful Russian games. It had four sequels, including Pirates of Caribbean and Age of Pirates: Caribbean Tales. The series also had a few canceled games, including Sea Dogs 4 and Age of Pirates: Captain Blood (the full version of this game was suddenly leaked last week after 10 years since the end of the development).

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