Developer Multiverse has raised $17 million in a round of Series A funding. Twitch co-founder Kevin Lin, Crunchyroll co-founder Kun Gao, and Oculus VR co-founder Nate Mitchell participated in the round.

The company will use the funding to further develop One More Multiverse, an online video game platform designed to create, play, stream, and share tabletop role-playing games. The platform also includes a creator focused marketplace.

The developers are buidling a massive pixel art library (2500 assets), which other artists will be able to add to. This includes tilesets, characters, emotes, sounds, abilities, stories and game mechanics. Multiverse is also partnering existing tabletop IPs to “translate” them for the platform.

One More Multiverse is currently in a closed beta, with a full rollout planned for Q3 2021.

“Our main goal is to grow the number the people playing TTRPG’s, because we know that will enable more creators — game designers, artists, writers, GM’s, storytellers — to make a living in our industry,” the developers explain. “So we spend just as much time thinking about creator tools as the player experience!”

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