Yesterday, March 28, Xsolla launched a new investment platform called Xsolla Funding Club (XFC). The new network helps indie developers self-publish and grow by putting them in touch with investors and industry experts.


How does Xsolla Funding Club work?

As an indie developer, you can submit your project for review. The experts will look at a number of criteria. These include the monetization model (premium, micro-transaction, ads), the type (single player, multiplayer, MMO, etc.) and the genre of your game, as well as the current development milestone. You should also have a pretty good idea about the investment amount your project needs.

If there is enough market potential to your game,  XFC will use its vast industry network to help you find investment partners, negotiate a suitable financial model with them, and allocate the money adequately when scaling your title.

Projects that stand a better chance of securing the funding will typically have to be in soft launch, early-stage release, or at least have a playable build.

XFC is the latest addition to the already impressive toolkit of growth, monetization, and user acquisition options that Xsolla offers in more than 200 countries and territories.

You can submit your project here.