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Sharon Fisher on harassment and toxic behaviour in video games: “The old-fashioned approach to moderation needs to be re-thought”

Just over a month ago, Unity bought AI-driven audio analysis platform OTO to fight toxic behavior in multiplayer games. A month before that, Discord acquired Sentropy, a company behind AI-powered software to detect and remove online harassment. We sat down with Utopia Analytics‘ Sharon Fisher, a veteran in the games moderation space, to discuss the challenges the industry is facing in its quest to make the gaming environment safer.
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Apple also investigated by Department of Justice. US lawmakers address “serious competition concerns” in app store space

On September 10, a federal judge in California ruled that app developers can now direct users to payment options outside the App Store. That said, the court failed to “ultimately conclude that Apple is a monopolist.” Nor did the ruling force Apple into allowing third-party app stores on iOS. The iPhone maker was also allowed to keep its steep 30% commission. While Epic has lost on 9 of 10 counts, the Fortnite company might just have powerful…