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Activision Blizzard hires union-busting law firm, confirms firing WoW creative director for misconduct

We continue to share and update the timeline of the ongoing Activation Blizzard story. In the latest news, the company finally confirmed the reason for firing the former World of Warcraft creative director. Activision Blizzard also hired a famous law firm known for preventing employees from creating unions. Meanwhile, Ubisoft employees, who also stepped up amid the scandal, responded to their company’s comments regarding harassment problems.
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“We will be the change”: Ubisoft devs demand accountability for all offenders, Blizzard employees criticize Kotick’s message and stage walkout

Yesterday was an important day in the ongoing Activision Blizzard story. Hundreds of Ubisoft employees expressed their solidarity with those affected within Activision Blizzard. Ubisoft devs also called for structural changes at their company and across the industry. Back at Activision Blizzard, employees voiced their frustration with Bobby Kotick’s message and staged a walkout, both offline and online.
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Activision Blizzard seemingly done with apologetic memos, now pushes for strictly internal investigation, disapproves of unionization

Yesterday, on July 26, Activision Blizzard held a Zoom call which should have been company-wide but was only attended by 500 employees due a scheduling error. During tha call, Activision chief operating officer Joshua Taub reportedly claimed that neither him nor Bobby Kotick has ever seen the alleged misconduct taking place, although he did admit that “does not mean this behavior does not happen.”