Emma Kinema, co-founder of video game employees network Game Workers Unite, shared her thoughts on how developers should unionize to solve the problems in the industry. Here are a few steps she offered.

Blizzard Entertainment headquarters, Image: Gordon Tarpley

Kinema is now working at Campaign to Organize Digital Employees (CODE-CWA), launched in 2020 by the Communications Workers of America to help people organize and unionize within the tech and game industries.

She suggested every employee who wants to organize a union at their workplace should contact CODE-CWA and undergo special training for union organizers. Kinema also said that workers should educate themselves and their colleagues about their rights. “Don’t default to calling for boycotts every time workers speak up,” she wrote. “Follow the workers’ lead and center their agency.”

Finally, every pro-union company head has to respect their employees’ freedom and sign a union card-check neutrality agreement.

Emma Kinema’s full article, where she speaks about the importance of unions in the games industry, can be read on Polygon.

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