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Didital Foundry on next-gen console pricing: $399 very much doable

Last week Bloomberg reported how manufacturing a PS5 unit now costs $450. From that, the newspaper assumed that the retail price for Sony’s next-get console should be around $470.

However, Richard Leadbetter, Technology Editor at Digital Foundry, suggests that next-generation consoles don’t have to be more expensive than their current-gen counterparts.

Leadbetter agrees that making the next-gen hardware is pricy (considering how it will have solid state storage, desktop-class high performance CPU,


Unto the End makers on their deal with Xbox Game Pass

Subscriptions are becoming an increasingly valid model for both platform holders and players. Are they good for developers? There is still a lot of speculation and concern around that. Especially when attempts are made to link developers’ revenues to the time players spend in their game.

Now, though, we have at least one account of how a deal is structured between a developer and a subscription service.

Stephen Danton of 2 Ton Studios,