In a new blog post, Facebook shared findings from a recent study into how mobile game publishers use different monetization strategies.

According to Facebook, 57% of publishers think that in-app ads can help with player retention without disrupting the game experience. The combination of in-app ads and IAP looks like the most effective monetization strategy. More than 55% publishers combine the two.

Of those who use both IAP and in-app ads, 79% say that rewarded video is their most effective monetization tool. According to 53% of publishers, rewarded videos lead to in-app purchases. In 2018, payouts from rewarded video on Audience Network (Facebook’s in-app advertising platform) grew more than 8x. To give publishers  and developers more opportunities to monetize, Facebook will be making rewarded video available to all games on Audience Network.

The report also says that playable ads’ popularity is growing among publishers. 33% of publishers who combine in-app ads with in-app purchases state that playable ads are already their most successful format. Playable ads are mini-games embedded in an ad that players can play without having to download the actual app.

According to the post, if players install an app through a playable ad, they will open the app 60% more often. Moreover, these players are 6x more likely to make an in-app purchases compared to people who installed through other ads for the same apps. Playable ads will now be available on Audience Network.