There can’t be too many battle royale games. Or so they thought at NetEase. 

The Chinese company is already known for Rules of Survival, one of the top 5 battle royales on mobile (86 million downloads). Yesterday, the company launched their latest take on the genre: Cyber Hunter.


Cyber Hunter / Image Credit: NetEase

100 players (“Wanderers,” in the game’s terminology) land on a 6-by-6 square kilometer map. They must fight each other while staying inside the shrinking safe zone. With the basic premise absolutely generic, the developers are betting on the sci-fi setting to make the title stand out. It involves laser beams, futuristic gizmos, consuming energy to build stuff, and parkour movement style, with all vertical surfaces climbable.

On the off chance that this alone is not enough to build a loyal fan community, NetEase has introduced a bunch of original abilities. Here’s what a NetEase spokesperson has to say on the new experience the game offers, per VentureBeat:

“Beyond bringing BR to a new futuristic setting, Cyber Hunter really pushes the limit of wacky weapons and added abilities in game. Players can turn invisible, gain the ability to see enemy signals, or deconstruct buildings around them. The weapons include a shotgun that heals allies in friendly fire and a grenade launcher that is made especially to demolish buildings. The vehicles get even crazier. For example, the Cerberus can transform into a battle mecha, the Windrider can transform into a plane, while the Dawnbreaker has a destroyer wheel. All together this adds a level of customization and mayhem to the battle royale experience that we believe fans will really enjoy.”

The soundtrack comes from Nier: Automata’s Keiichi Okabe and Tekken’s Ryuichi Takada.

The title is already out on Android and iOS, with no plans from the developer to bring it on Windows.

Cyber Hunter (Global Launch) Official Trailer