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Players remove indie games from Steam Wishlist due to confusing promo

Several indie developers have noticed abnormally high numbers of Wishlist deletions for their games.

Tom Vian, co-founder of Snipperclips developer SFB Games, was one of the first to link this to Steam’s Grand Prix-themed Summer Sale that started on June 25.

Oof, in Steam’s summer sale, they’re offering users a chance to win their ‘most wished for games’. Lots of users have misinterpreted as ‘any game on my wishlist’, instead of ‘the top game’,


Valve invites developers to upload new assets for Steam Library

We’ve known that Steam Library is getting redesigned since March, when Valve made the announcement at GDC.

What Home Page will look like

The public beta of the new layout is still several weeks away, but the developers can start uploading new branding assets now. The idea is to give more visibility to content on the homepage and more richness to individual product pages.

Developers can update their product logo,