Fortnite US revenue falls 52% YoY

This summer saw a sharp decline in Fortnite viewership on Twitch. As it turns out, the game’s revenue in the US has also been on the decline. In July, it generated 52% less than the…


Shawn Layden leaves PlayStation after 32 years

Shawn Layden is stepping down as CEO of SIE Worldwide Studios and leaving the company. The announcement came via Sony’s Twitter account, with no explanation as to the reason for his departure.

Talking Tom

Talking Tom: 10 billion downloads in 10 years

Outfit7 Limited, the studio behind the Talking Tom and Friends franchise, is celebrating its tenth anniversary and a whopping 10 billion downloads of the the company’s mobile games (including lesser-known titles Swamp Attack and Jigty Jigsaw…


Developers concerned over Google Play Pass royalty system

Following the launch of its mobile subscription service, Google said: “Developers earn a royalty that incorporates time subscribers spend in their app and captures how users value all types of content (from weather apps to…