Remnant II is one of the top-performing premium game releases of the last few months. Here is some new data about the title and its metrics from Newzoo.

  • As reported by Newzoo, Remnant II was the fourth highest-grossing premium game in the US and UK in August across all genres. Taking into account all types of revenue like DLC and subscriptions, it ranked 7th.
  • It is worth noting that Newzoo considers Remnant II an RPG. So it became the second-best game in the genre by revenue, behind only Baludr’s Gate 3. The latter was also the top-grossing game across all genres on PC and console in August.
  • Nearly 2.5% of all gamers* played Remnant II in August (*data is based on an aggregate of 37 key markets, excluding China and India), with an average playtime of 30.4 hours (#7 among all titles).
  • Gunfire Games’ latest title ranked 28th in monthly active users (MAU) across all genres. The US and Germany were the top markets by MAU.
  • Interestingly, 38.3% of Remnant II users stopped playing Diablo IV in favor of Gunfire’s project, followed by Exoprimal (27.3%) and Final Fantasy XVI (24.3%).
  • In August, 55.8% of the game’s player base also spent money on Elden Ring, followed by Destiny 2 (55.7%) and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II / Warzone 2 (46.3%).

Launched on July 25, Remnant II received positive reviews from both critics and players. Despite some technical issues, the game quickly became a commercial hit, peaking at over 110k concurrent users on Steam and selling over 1 million units in its first week. For comparison, it took Remnant: From the Ashes around two months to cross this milestone.

According to Circana, Remnant II was also the best-selling premium game of July in the US, followed by Diablo IV, CoD: Modern Warfare II, Hogwarts Legacy, and Final Fantasy XVI.

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