Remnant II is selling much faster than its predecessor, proving to be a commercial success. The game has exceeded the expectations of publisher Gearbox.

Remnant II hits 1 million copies sold, likely the fastest Gearbox-published game to pass this milestone

According to Gearbox Publishing, Remnant II sold over 1 million units in its first week. This includes sales across all platforms: PC, Xbox Seriex X|S, and PlayStation 5.

For comparison, it took the first game two months to cross the 1 million mark. So the sequel reached this milestone eight times faster.

“Remnant II exceeded our expectations. As a commercial and critical hit, we’re incredibly proud of the Gunfire team and everyone here at Gearbox Publishing who brought this title to life,” Gearbox Publishing president Yoon Im said.

The game also peaked at over 110,000 concurrent players on Steam, which is the highest CCU among all titles published by Gearbox. It currently has a 80% rating based on over 10,000 user reviews.

Is Remnant II the fastest-selling game in Gearbox Publishing’s catalog?

Here is how fast some of Gearbox-published titles crossed the 1 million mark:

  • Roguelike third-person shooter Risk of Rain 2one month after its Early Access launch;
  • Remnant: From the Ashes — two months since its launch (then published by Perfect World Entertainment);
  • Action RPG Torchlight II — roughly three months (between its launch September 20, 2012 and December 31, 2012), the IP joined Gearbox’s portfolio through the acquisiton of Perfect World Entertainment;
  • Survival RPG Tribes of Midgardfour months since its release.

Taking this data into account, Remnant II is likely the fastest game in Gearbox Publishing’s catalog to hit 1 million units sold. However, it is worth noting that sales figures for some of the company’s titles reman undisclosed.

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