Jay Watamaniuk, veteran community manager and writer, has decided to leave BioWare. He has been with the studio for more than 20 years.

Writer Jay Watamaniuk leaves BioWare after 21 years — he worked on SWTOR and the Mass Effect series

Watamaniuk announced his departure from BioWare on Twitter last week (spotted by Game Developer).

“I wanted to thank the exceptional team of writers who taught me the business of creation with empathy, patience and humour,” he wrote, adding that it was a privilege to work at the Edmonton-based studio.

The reason behind Watamaniuk’s departure remains undisclosed, but it comes after Electronic Arts announced is decision to take the operation of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic from BioWare and hand it over to Broadsword Online Games.

David Gaider, former BioWare writer and currently the creative director at Summerfall Studios, has already recommended his former colleague as a talented narrative designer, saying that “you honestly won’t find someone not only with this kind of experience but a finer human being.”

Jay Watamaniuk joined BioWare in 2001 during the development of Neverwinter Nights. He worked as a community manager for nearly eight years, helping the studio build communities for titles such as SWTOR and Jade Empire.

Watamaniuk eventually became part of the writing team, working on various DLCs for Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3. He also contributed to the pre-production of Mass Effect Andromeda, creating pitch docs for player missions, gameplay, and choice models.

On Anthem, Watamaniuk served as one of the lead writers and narrative designers before moving on to Star Wars: The Old Republic as a senior writer.

Watamaniuk is not the only BioWare veteran to leave the studio this year. In January, Dragon Age: Dreadwolf production director Mac Walters announced his departure after nearly 20 years. His portfolio includes titles like Jade Empire and Mass Effect.

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