Apple has asked judges to reject Epic Games’ appeal in the ongoing antitrust case. The company noted that the Fortnite maker has offered no reasonable alternative to the App Store’s current payment policies.

On March 24, Apple addressed appellate judges, questioning Epic’s intention to overturn a previous lower-court decision. According to Reuters, the company noted that it can’t be held accountable under state law, considering that the court has already ruled that Apple’s policies didn’t break federal antitrust law.

“Epic asks the Judiciary to fundamentally change the App Store by forcing Apple to abandon the integrated distribution and digital-content delivery model that, among many other procompetitive benefits, helps safeguard user security and privacy,” the company said in a statement.

In September 2021, Apple won nine of ten counts in the antitrust suit filed by Epic Games. The court ruled that the iPhone maker must let developers add links to third-party payment systems outside the App Store.

However, both Epic and Apple appealed the ruling, willing to continue their legal fight. The Fortnite maker also received support from 34 US states and the District of Columbia, which appealed the court’s decision and urged Apple to stop its restrictive practices.

The appeal panel hasn’t called a hearing yet. It might take place next year.

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