Genshin Impact remains one of the highest-grossing games globally. According to Sensor Tower, miHoYo’s title has generated $2 billion in the first year since its launch, and it is on iOS and Android alone.

Key figures

  • Genshin Impact was the third top-grossing mobile game in the world during its first year, sitting right behind PUBG Mobile and Honor of Kings.
  • The title had one of the most successful launches for mobile games of all time. In comparison, Lineage M reached only $1.2 billion in its first year and Pokémon GO generated $1.1 billion during the same period since its release.

  • China accounted for most of Genshin Impact’s player spending, reaching $577 million in total, or 28.6% of global revenue. And it comes only from the App Store alone, as Sensor Tower doesn’t track third-party Android stores.
  • The App Store accounted for 61.8% of total revenue. Google Play is the leader in all countries outside China, representing 53.6% of global revenue.

It is worth noting that Sensor Tower only tracks mobile revenue, so Genshin Impact has actually generated a lot more on all platforms, including PC and consoles.

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