Just a few months after launching Cascadeur in early access, Nekki has introduced a new version of its character animation tool. It expands the software’s function scope with major changes and fixes.

The release of Cascadeur’s Early Access-V2 was announced on July 28.

The latest version has a new Graph Editor, which offers a more intuitive approach to manipulating animation curves and keys in scenes. The second major change is Cascadeur’s own Tween Machine function, which speeds up the process of creating breakdown poses.

Here are some other changes in the new version (the full list can be found here):

  • A character direction controller was added to the AutoPosing tool. Character parts in AutoPosing behave more independently now;
  • A new mode for the direction controller (“pole vector”), which fixes its global position;
  • New templates for standard rigs in Cascadeur’s quick rigging tool;
  • Hotkeys will now work with different language keyboards;
  • Mirror planes visualization;
  • New AutoPhysics feature: fulcrum groups;
  • An early alpha version of Spline IK interpolation.

Cascadeur was released in early access in April. Last month, Nekki also announced that it will invest $1.5 million in the further development and improvement of its software.

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