Cascadeur allows developers to make physically correct animations without motion capture. Nekki has now launched an early access version, which smaller devs can use for free.

70,000 developers have already tried Cascadeur since Nekki launched a Beta over two years ago. The company assures that its software can be used by both professionals and beginners.

To make Cascadeur easy to use for a wider audience, Nekki has already published 50 video tutorials. They will help developers learn how to make physics-based 3D animation with this software.

Nekki’s journey with Cascadeur began in 2011 when it released the first Shadow Fight. The game’s animation grabbed the attention of other developers, and the company decided to launch the tool as standalone software.

Cascadeur has now four pricing plans:

  • Basic license — for beginners, freelancers, and studios that earn less than $100,000;
  • Pro license — for professionals and larger companies (it costs $300 a year and has some restrictions with support);
  • Business license — it costs $1,000 a year and has no limits;
  • Enterprise license — Nekki doesn’t disclose the price but says that it will modify the software for the specific needs of individual clients.

To celebrate early access, Nekki made a 50% discount for Pro and Business subscriptions.

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