“Video game studios are so obsessed with GROWTH and ACQUISITIONS and WEALTH, that they quite often fail to make sure that all of their employees and developers are happy and looked after properly.”

This is according to Mike Rose, the head of indie publisher No More Robots.

In 2020, games published No More Robots generated around $10 million in revenue. The impressive profits could have been invested in the company growth, but Rose suggests better ways to use this money:

  • Everyone at No More Robots is paid way above the average salary in the UK;
  • Everyone received 5 figure bonuses this year;
  • Full private healthcare for all.

Additionally, No More Robots donated money to initiatives and charities like WarChild, Game Devs of Colour Expo, Girls Game Lab and more totalling 6 figure sums. The company also provided free QA testing to marginalised game devs through the No More Bugs initiative.

And Rose does not plan to stop there: