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2020 in video games: 11 bit studios’ Konrad Adamczewski on remote work, double-edged swords, and major game releases

With 2020 hopefully coming to a close (unless it gets pushed back or something), we have reached out to indie devs and publishers to find out how they fared amid these challenging times. Turns out, pretty well! At least as far as Poland’s 11 bit studios is concerned. Here’s what Konrad Adamczewski, PR Specialist at 11 bit studios, has got to say:
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Anshar Studios on making Gamedec, cyberpunk RPG about solving mysteries in virtual worlds

Gamedec is an upcoming cyberpunk isometric RPG. It puts you in the shoes of a game detective, who solves mysteries inside virtual worlds. The story adapts to the decisions you make, but those won’t come easy to you. Players will have to make their morally ambiguous choices and deductions under constant time pressure, never able to collect enough evidence to piece together the whole picture.
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CD Projekt RED doing great on Steam and Warsaw Stock Exchange

CD Projekt RED announced that the Steam version of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has generated over $50 million in revenue since October 1st 2018. Around that time, Valve’s storefront introduced a tiered revenue split system. For each title that has brought in over 50 million, Steam now takes 20% of its subsequent revenues. That means that from now on, CD Projekt RED will keep 80% of The Witcher 3’s sales on Steam.