Among top 100 wishlists on Steam, 20 titles are made in Poland. This is according to media outlet for investors Sfera Investorov.

Below is the list of Polish titles that made it to the top 100 wishlists on Steam.

Cyberpunk 2077 (No. 1).

Dying Light 2 (No. 2).

Ghostrunner (No. 8).

The Riftbreaker (No. 22).

Outriders (No. 27).

Shadow Warrior 3 (No. 34).

Builders of Egypt (No. 36).

Mr. Prepper (No. 37).

Ocuppy Mars: The Game (No. 50).

Sucubbus (No. 52).

Lust from Beyond (No. 55).

Bum Simulator (No. 57).

The Medium (No. 63).

Junkyard Simulator (No. 70).

Alaskan Truck Simulator (No. 72).

The Tenants (No. 76).

Contraband Police (No. 89).

Eldest Souls (No. 90).

Gamedec (No. 92).

I am Your President (No. 94).

Wishlists, Sfera Investorov reports, are one of the perfect indicators for investors who want to invest in gaming companies. Polish games also account for 30% of the top ten wishlists.