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Copyright God Mode: Is Russian law ready to combat cheat codes in video games?

The distribution of cheating software is a persistent problem faced by the video games industry. Despite the global nature of the challenge, most infringing torrent indexes are either operated/hosted from Russia or use Russian reverse proxies. In this article, Alena Kuzmina, a lawyer at Semenov&Pevzner, discusses the legal grounds on which the potential software cheating may be challenged under the Russian law.

VRTCAL’s Todd Wooten on game ad innovation driven by changing consumer behaviors

Mobile game advertising is evolving in the face of today’s consumer privacy initiatives and changing media consumption habits. However, mobile gaming developers are doing everything they can to protect their revenue sources instead of looking for growth opportunities due to these developments. Fortunately, none are happening overnight, offering developers some time to chart a path forward.


Why Hybrid Monetization is Thriving and How to Do It Right

How many games use in-app ads? How to estimate your game’s potential daily ad revenue? How to design ads into your game?

Orly Tsesis, Publisher Solutions Manager, CEE & Israel at Facebook Audience Network, explains how to transition your game to a hybrid monetization model and why now is the best time to do it.

Orly Tsesis, Publisher Solutions Manager, CEE & Israel at Facebook Audience Network

89% of top games worldwide had an ad platform SDK installed by the end of 2019.