Steam’s audience and engagement continue to grow. The platform has just set its new record for the number of concurrent users.

Steam peaks at nearly 37 million concurrent users, setting its new record during Summer Sale

Steam Summer Sale 2024 banner (Image: Valve)

On June 30, 36,928,521 people were logged into Steam simultaneously (via SteamDB). More than 11.7 million concurrent users were also playing games on the platform.

The previous record was set in March, when Steam peaked at 36.3 million CCU and had over 11.5 million people in-game.

Steam managed to attract almost 37 million concurrent users thanks to the Summer Sale 2024, which began on June 27. Hundreds of games received huge discounts, with some titles (Battlefield, Civilization VI, XCOM 2, Mass Effect Legendary Edition, Batman: Arkham Knight, The Witcher 3, etc.) being 90-95% off. This resulted in increased engagement, especially during the weekend.

Free-to-play online hits such as Counter-Strike 2 (1.3 million CCU), Dota 2 (726.7k CCU), and PUBG (661.7k CCU) were the most played games on the platform over the past 24 hours. The top 10 also included Elden Ring (533.5k CCU), Apex Legends (286.2k CCU), Naraka: Bladepoint (240k CCU), and GTA V (171.9k CCU).

Top 20 most played titles on Steam by peak concurrent players in the last 24 hours (via SteamDB)

Thanks to discounts, some games managed to set new records for the number of concurrent players. For example, Ghost Recon Breakpoint (90% off) peaked at 12.6k CCU yesterday — up almost 300% from the previous month.

Forza Horizon 4, which saw a huge increase in player count after the delisting announcement and 80% discount, peaked at 75.6k CCU. Celeste (currently 90% off) reached its new all-time high of 7,782 concurrent players.

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