Gas Station Simulator has reached a new milestone. Polish developer DRAGO entertainment has revealed that the game has generated over $10 million in revenue on Steam alone since its launch in September 2021.

Gas Station Simulator hits $10 million in revenue on Steam alone

“Stable sales of the basic version of [Gas Station Simulator] and its paid add-ons led to exceeding the $10 million revenue threshold in March this year,” Drago CEO Joanna Tynor said in a statement (via Strefa Inwestorów), adding that March 2024 was also the best month since October 2021 in terms of sales.

It is unclear how much money the game generated on other PC stores (EGS and GOG) and consoles (PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch).

Sales figures also remain undisclosed. In December 2022, Drago Entertainment announced that Gas Station Simulator reached 1 million copies sold.

The game’s development and marketing costs amounted to PLN 450k (around $111k). It managed to fully recoup its budget within just an hour and a half after its original launch on Steam.

Gas Station Simulator currently has a “Very Positive” rating on Steam, with 88% of the 18.7k user reviews being positive. Shortly after its 2021 launch, it game peaked at 12,229 concurrent players (via SteamDB).

The game also has several DLCs, the most recent of which, Tidal Wave, recouped its total budget of PLN 450k in less than seven days.

Founded in 1998, Drago Entertainment is a Poland-based developer and publisher that employs almost 50 people. In addition to Gas Station Simulator, its portfolio includes Treasure Hunter Simulator (63% positive reviews on Steam) and Food Truck Simulator (66% positive reviews).

Last month, Drago Entertainment launched the Early Access version Winter Survival, an open world first-person survival title that currently has a “Mixed” rating (59% positive reviews) on Steam. The studio is now also working on another survival game, Red Frost, which will be set in the “rough winter climates of last century’s Russia.”

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