Honkai: Star Rail has reached another milestone three months after its global launch. China and Japan remain the two largest revenue generators for miHoYo’s latest game.

Honkai: Star Rail generates $500 million, slightly less than Genshin Impact in the first three months

  • Mobile players have spent $500 million in Honkai: Star Rail from April 26 to July 25, according to new data from Sensor Tower (thanks, PocketGamer.biz).
  • For comparison, Genshin Impact generated $515 million globally in its first three months, so the two games perform about the same on mobile when looking at the same periods after each other’s global launch.
  • China accounted for 41.1% of total revenue, followed by Japan (23.9%), the US (12%), and South Korea (7%).
  • Japan has the highest RpD (revenue per download) at $60, followed by China ($41), South Korea ($37), and the US ($17).
  • Honkai: Star Rail also generated 19 million downloads globally.
  • Since its launch, the game has been accounting for 65.3% of miHoYo’s worldwide revenue, followed by Genshin Impact (30.6%) and Honkai Impact 3rd (2.8%).
  • The release of Honkai: Star Rail also helped miHoYo climb from 5th to 2nd place in the global mobile publisher sales rankings.

According to AppMagic data, Honkai: Star Rail generated over $6 million on mobile in its first 24 hours, outperforming Genshin Impact by first-day revenue. The game’s IAP revenue topped $130 million one month after its global launch, with China, Japan, the US, and South Korea being the top four markets.

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