miHoYo recently released its new title, free-to-play turn-based RPG Honkai: Star Rail. Let’s see how its launch compares to Genshin Impact, the biggest hit from the Chinese game developer.

Honkai: Star Rail vs. Genshin Impact: Revenue comparison at launch

  • According to AppMagic, which provides data on IAP revenue reduced by platform fees and taxes, Honkai: Star Rail reached $6.3 million in revenue on mobile in its first 24 hours.
  • The game has generated over $32 million in the first six days since its global launch on April 26.

Honkai: Star Rail mobile revenue (from April 26 to May 1)

  • China is the number one country by revenue, accounting for 39% of total player spending. It is followed by Japan (22%), the US (15%), and South Korea (6%).
  • For comparison, Genshin Impact’s first-day revenue on iOS and Android was around $4.6 million. And it has generated $31.8 million in the first six days since its global launch on September 28, 2020.

Genshin Impact mobile revenue (from September 28, 2020 to October 3, 2020)

  • miHoYo hasn’t officially disclosed Honkai: Star Rail’s revenue, but it recently announced that the game has already generated over 20 million downloads globally (via analyst Daniel Ahmad).
  • China is also the number one country by downloads, accounting for 27% of total installs. It is followed by the US (12%), Japan (7%), and Russia (5%).
  • “[Honkai: Star Rail] had over 30 million pre-registrations prior to launch,” Ahmad noted. “21 million from China and 10 million from the rest of the world. Higher than Genshin at launch. It’s already broken records by reaching no 1 on the iOS game download chart in more countries than any prior game.”
  • Although Honkai: Star Rail had a better launch in terms of revenue, this doesn’t guarantee it will outperform Genshin Impact in the future. The latter has become one of the highest-grossing mobile titles of all time, with lifetime player spending of over $4 billion.
  • But one thing is clear — miHoYo has another hit in its portfolio, which can be supported for years to come. Later this year, the Chinese company will also launch action game Zenless Zone Zero.

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