It has been one month since the global launch of Honkai: Star Rail. Let’s take a look at revenue and other metrics for miHoYo’s latest hit.

Honkai: Star Rail revenue and downloads — over $130 million in its first 30 days on mobile

  • All data was taken from the market intelligence platform AppMagic, so it only applies to the mobile version of Honkai: Star Rail (the game is also available on PC and PlayStation).
  • As of May 26, the game’s revenue from in-app purchases (reduced by platform fees and inclusive taxes) reached $132.3 million.
  • For comparison, Genshin Impact has generated over $172 million in IAP revenue in its first 30 days. And according to Sensor Tower, its player spending reached $245 million on iOS and Android.

Honkai: Star Rail (top) and Genshin Impact (bottom) revenue in the first 30 days

  • Anyway, miHoYo’s new game had a strong launch. Its peak day by revenue so far was May 18, thanks to the launch of the Jing Yuan character banner. On that day alone, the game generated $8.7 million.
  • After the first 30 days since the global release, China accounts for 34% of the game’s total revenue, followed by Japan (26%), the US (15%), and South Korea (8%).
  • China is also the number one country by downloads, accounting for 23% of the total 15.9 million installs in the first 30 days. It is followed by the US (10%), Japan (9%), and Russia (5%).
  • If the soft launch period is included, the total number of downloads will be over 21 million.

Honkai: Star Rail downloads between April 26 and May 25

  • Honkai: Star Rail hasn’t plateaued yet, but it currently makes $3-4 million per day from in-app purchases on average.
  • The game’s cumulative RpD (revenue per download) is $6.3 globally. The top five regions by RpD are Hong Kong ($20.6), Japan ($19), Singapore ($18.6), Switzerland ($13.4), and South Korea ($12.3). This is another proof of the huge popularity of mobile gacha titles in Asia.

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