Diablo Immortal has reached another revenue milestone. According to Sensor Tower, the mobile version of Blizzard’s latest game has already generated over $100 million in less than two months since its launch.

  • It took Diablo Immortal just eight weeks to reach the $100 million mark. For comparison, Epic Games’ Fortnite reached this figure in 12 weeks.
  • Pokémon GO remains the fastest video game IP to hit this milestone, taking it just two weeks since launch.

  • Sensor Tower noted that Diablo Immortal has been the 13th revenue-generating mobile game globally since its launch on June 1.
  • On July 25, the title was finally released in China, remaining the most downloaded mobile app on the App Store during the first two days since launch.
  • The US is the number one country by revenue, followed by South Korea and Japan. This is in line with the latest data by AppMagic.

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