Devolver Digital has shared the first results for Weird West, a debut game from Raphael Colantonio’s new studio WolfEye. The publisher also revealed the title’s content roadmap.

As of April 12, Weird West attracted over 400,000 players across all platforms. Devolver Digital didn’t disclose specific sales numbers, so it is hard to say how many copies gamers have bought so far.

The game became available on Game Pass on day one. This means that Microsoft’s subscription service accounts for a significant part of this 400k player base. However, the results are still quite impressive, considering that Weird West is not a AAA title made by a relatively small studio.

Devolver also shared the content roadmap, saying that Plague, a free community event, has already become available to all players. After that, Weird West will also get a content pack, a new game mode, one more event, and mod support.

WolfEye Studios, a team behind Weird West, was founded by former Arkane president Raphael Colantonio in 2019. A 20-person studio is also led by another Arx Fatalis and Dishonored creator Julien Roby.

Weird West, a top-down action game with elements of RPG and immersive sim genres, came out on March 31 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. It received generally positive reviews from critics, with an average Metascore of 78/100.

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