Humble Bundle has raised more than $20 million in a week with its “Stand with Ukraine” charity deal. The company has sold almost 450k bundles.

The fundraiser closed on March 25, with Humble Bundle thanking all contributors for their support.

It was previously reported that the “Stand with Ukraine” bundle raised almost $10 million in just three days. As of now, people bought 473,885 bundles, bringing the total sum to $20,735,896.

This money will go for humanitarian relief efforts in Ukraine and will be split between the International Rescue Committee, International Medical Corps, and Direct Relief.

The “Stand with Ukraine” bundle contains more than 120 items worth over $2500, including games like This War of Mine, The Long Dark, Metro Exodus, Fable Anniversary, Satisfactory, and Back 4 Blood.

Game companies across the globe continue to support Ukraine. For example,’s fundraiser closed at $6.3 million, and Epic Games has already donated more than $50 million from its Fortnite revenue to humanitarian relief in Ukraine.

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