It Takes Two, a co-op hit game developed by Hazelight Studios, has reached a new milestone with 5 million units sold. This happened almost a year after its launch.

Hazelight shared the news on Twitter, saying that the team is “absolutely stunned just thinking about how many players have now enjoyed our game.”

“This is way beyond expectation,” the studio’s founder Josef Fares added.

It Takes Two, which lets two players fix the main characters’ relationship through co-op gameplay, came out on March 26, 2021, on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. The game reached 3 million copies sold in October 2021 and received multiple industry awards, including TGA’s Game of the Year.

It is unknown what Hazelight’s new game will be about. However, Josef Fares said that the studio will continue to create story-driven games, adding that he would rather get shot in the knee than add NFTs in his titles.

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