Game marketing consultant Chris Zukowski has analyzed post mortems of a few indie games to find out what strategies and tips were the most useful for them in terms of promotion.

In a new article for How To Market A Game, Zukwoski looked through post mortems for six titles, including The Dungeon Beneath, Escape Simulator, and Wandering Village. All of them were quite successful and had some common things in their marketing.

Festivals, streamers, mailing lists worked really well. It is also important to make a game in a genre that most Steam users like and release it fast. On top of that Zukowski recommends starting marketing activities as early as possible.

On the other hand, it looks like Twitter and the press didn’t do much for these games. While these tools still can help in certain cases, it is better not to rely heavily on them.

The full article, where Zukowski analyzes all these games’ marketing activities, can be read here.

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