Valve has started accepting requests for Steam Deck dev kits. Developers can now get the hardware, but the company notes that supplies are limited.

On September 2, Valve shared the news on the Steamworks forum, also showing a photo of Steam Deck in a box.

To get the dev kit, developers should fill the hardware request form and read through the agreement and guidelines. Due to the limited supplies, Valve will review requests on a case-by-case basis.

The company promises to ship dev kits “as quickly as possible.”

Valve announced Steam Deck in July, receiving positive reactions from fans and industry experts. Now the portable PC is available to reserve for $5. Steam Deck will come out in December, with its price starting at $399.

The console works under Proton, which allows launching Windows games on Steam OS. According to Valve, Steam Deck can now run most of the existing titles at 30 FPS.

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