There are usually fewer major releases in summer, so it is a chance for smaller games to take over best-selling lists. Here are all the changes in last week’s Steam charts.

Resident Evil Chapter, a new DLC for Dead by Daylight, is a new chart-topper. The content update, which adds iconic characters like Leon Kennedy and Jill Valentine to the game, displaced Guilty Gear Strive from 1st spot.

Naraka: Bladepoint, an upcoming battle royale published by NetEase, debuted in 4th place. The title developed by Chinese studio 24 Entertainment is a 60-player action game with elements of parkour.

Party-based RPG with procedural generation Wildermyth debuted in 6th place. The game was released on June 15 and now has 96% positive reviews on Steam.

Sea of Thieves and pre-orders for Battlefield 2042 also managed to stay in the top-10 of the best-selling games.

Steam’s top-sellers of the week (June 20)

  • 1. Dead by Daylight – Resident Evil Chapter
  • 2. Guilty Gear Strive
  • 3. Valve Index VR
  • 4. Naraka: Bladepoint
  • 5. It Takes Two
  • 6. Wildermyth
  • 7. Battlefield 2042
  • 8. Guilty Gear Strive: Deluxe Edition
  • 9. Sea of Thieves
  • 10. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Prime Status Upgrade

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