After iOS 15 is released, Apple will send SKAdNetwork data not only to ad networks but to advertisers as well.

Analyst Eric Seufert paid attention to the new rules on June 7. Apple, however, didn’t bring it up during the WWDC.

The changes mean that developers of advertised apps will be able to receive SKAdNetwork postbacks directly after the official release of iOS 15. Apple has already published an instruction of how to add a special key to an application.

SKAdNetwork is an alternative tool that should replace IDFA (iOS 14.5 users can now block the identifier). The new framework allows measuring the success of ad campaigns too, although developers are afraid that it is in many ways inferior to IDFA. However, Seufert noted that the ability to receive SKAdNetwork postbacks for advertisers is good because Facebook and Google “can no longer only provide campaign aggregates.”

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