Sony has officially announced the newest addition to the PlayStation Studios family, which is Team Asobi. The Japanese studio is known for creating Astro’s Playroom and will now focus on “colorful games for all ages.”

On June 2, Team Asobi studio director Nicolas Doucet shared the news on the official PlayStation blog. He noted that the team is now “growing and challenging bigger things.”

Although the studio didn’t reveal its plans for new games, it will focus on innovations and creating titles for all age groups. The Tokyo-based studio said that it will continue to experiment with the DualSense controller.

Team Asobi also presented its new logo and created official accounts on Twitter and Instagram to keep in touch with the community.

Earlier this year, Sony re-organized its Japan Studio, known for games like Gravity Rush and Knack, soon after a few key developers announced their departure. Some employees also joined Team Asobi, which will now be a new standalone first-party team.

Team Asobi was established in 2012, working on tech demos to show the new features of PS4. In 2018, the studio released Astro Bot: Rescue Mission, followed by Astro’s Playroom for PS5.

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