JJ Abrams’ film company Bad Robot has launched Bad Robot Games Studio. Left 4 Dead creator Michael Booth has stepped in as the studio’s GM.

The new in-house development studio will be part of Bad Robot Games founded in 2018 and headed by Anna Sweet as CEO. The studio’s first project will be a AAA title for PC and consoles featuring co-op gameplay and cinematic experience.

Booth and Bad Robot Games Studio will focus specifically on the original IP. Sweet, as the Bad Robot Games CEO, will oversee this work, but she will also handle co-development deals with external game partners.

Bad Robot Games Studio will work closely with Bad Robot’s movie and television departments to make stories that can “live across multiple mediums.”

Here’s what Anna Sweet has to say on the overall vision for Bad Robot Games:

“We want to build worlds that are expansive, and can cross media but don’t necessarily start in film or TV. They could start as games. We just want to build big immersive worlds. We also want to build games that are as fun to watch as they are to play. Bad Robot has a long history of making things people love to watch. And so we want to bring that expertise to building games as well.”